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A Touchdown for Life


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

Last weekend’s college football “rivalry Saturday” was a doozy. Auburn knocked Alabama out of the playoff picture. Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State. Virginia nipped Virginia Tech. And Ohio State crushed Michigan.

One of the Buckeye’s stars was running back J. K. Dobbins, who shredded the Wolverines’ defense for 211 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns.

But there’s more to Dobbins’s story: He almost didn’t make the team. Not because of talent… what I mean is, he was almost never born.

After the game, a Fox sports announcer told of how Dobbins’s mother was only 18 when she was pregnant with him. She considered abortion but decided to keep what she now calls “her miracle baby.”

It’s a wonderful story. But touchdowns or no touchdowns, every life is a miracle. Every abortion is a miracle denied, a story never written, a contribution never made.

Thank God that Dobbins’s mom—and all of our moms—made the right choice.


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