Agnostic Pastor Doubts Doubt and Trusts Christ: Eric Huffman on Upstream with Shane Morris


Shane Morris

How do Christians lose their faith? What’s the process that brings people out of a religious upbringing and into agnosticism, or even atheism? What causes young people to turn from the faith of their parents? And, an equally important question, what happens in the heart and mind of someone who later returns to the Faith? How does that happen, and how can we help it along as Christians?

Shane Morris talked with someone who has seen both sides of this process. Someone who has been “there and back again,” as it were, someone who has gone from faith to scornful unbelief and then back to orthodox faith.

Eric Huffman is the founder and lead pastor of The Story Houston, the host of “Maybe God with Eric Huffman Podcast, the author of 40 Days of Doubt and the forthcoming Scripture and the Skeptic. His story can help us to understand how people exit and then decide to re-enter the Church.


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