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Another Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

You might recall Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian falsely accused of blasphemy, sentenced to death, and imprisoned for years before being released and spirited out of the country.

Recently, another Pakistani Christian, Asif Pervaiz, faces a similar ordeal. Pervaiz claims he is being accused of blasphemy by his factory supervisor after refusing to convert to Islam. A Pakistani court rejected Pervaiz’s story and sentenced him to death.

Forced conversions are an ongoing problem in Pakistan—from religious minorities converting because of discrimination and economic desperation, to young girls being abducted and married off to Muslim men. International Christian Concern reports 74 forced conversions have taken place in one Pakistani province alone, just since 2014.

Please, pray for Pervaiz and for all persecuted Christians across Pakistan.

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