Are Evangelicals No Longer Evangelizing?

Behind the decline to spread the good news.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

According to new data recently shared by Dr. Ryan Burge, the number of people who are currently evangelical has now dropped below the number of people who were raised evangelical. In other words, more people are leaving evangelicalism than are remaining or becoming evangelical.  

This shift started about 15 years ago and is significant. After all, evangelicalism had been a growth movement, with more people in it than were raised by it. In other words, from 1900 until about 2010, evangelicals were living up to their names. They were evangelizing.  

However, between the “exvangelical” movement and the declining regard for Christianity, some evangelicals now lack the confidence that they really have what the world needs. For others, the good news of the Gospel has been crowded out by weeds of doubt and distraction.  

The Gospel is good news. It needs to be shared and lived with clarity, confidence, and courage. 


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