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Baby Born 5 Months Premature Celebrates 1st Birthday


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

When Richard Hutchison was born last year, there wasn’t much hope he’d survive. Richard was born five months premature, and weighed 11.9 ounces. No one born that early and that small had ever survived.

After more than six months in the hospital, with his parents commuting in each day and dodging hospital COVID restrictions, Richard went home. And he just celebrated his first birthday.

The wonderful work of the doctors and nurses at Children’s Minnesota hospital is an example of common grace, where God uses the skills and dedication of these healthcare workers to achieve the impossible. What couldn’t be done was done, and this little boy owes his life to their remarkable God-given abilities.

The story also exposes the hypocrisy of America’s radical pro-abortion regime — medical professionals using their skills not to save but to kill children like Richard. His survival should inspire us to fight for them.


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