Being the Pulpit for the Watching World: A Devotional with Todd Wagner


John Stonestreet

As the world reels from the events of the past few months and looks anxiously towards whatever this autumn will bring, the Colson Center is sponsoring a weekly moment of prayer. Each Wednesday, a guest will share in leading us in a time of devotion and corporate prayer.

This week our guest was Todd Wagner, pastor of Watermark Community Church in Dallas.

During his devotional talk, Wagner shared a quote from the great 19th century revivalist, Charles Finney, who said that if there is a decay of conscience, then the pulpit is responsible for it.

Pulpit here doesn’t mean only the pastors or the professional Christians. It means the “ordinary” folks who represent the Church to the watching world with all they say and do.

If the nation and culture around us is failing to live as it should, then we should look to the Church first to blame and first to repent. This repentance begins and finds its strength in prayer.

Click on the video to hear the entire conversation.


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