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Bernie and the Young Socialists

Plus: The Nuclear Family; A New Age of Martyrs; Join the Colson Fellows


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

As Bernie Sanders surges ahead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, John Stonestreet and Shane Morris discuss his appeal–and the appeal of socialism–among young voters especially; that is, among voters who did not grow up at a time when socialism and communism posed an existential threat to the West.

They also discuss the horrific persecution faced by Christians in Nigeria and Burkina Faso and how freedom from violent persecution that Christians enjoy in the modern West is more the exception than the rule.

Also on today’s episode: Is the nuclear family in trouble? Will the Boy Scouts fold? John and Shane wrap up the program discussing the Colson Fellows and how you can become a part of this life- and faith-changing program.

Download the MP3 audio here.

Photo via Wiki Commons and AFGE


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