President Biden’s “Build Back Better Plan”, Boycotting Beijing, and “Too Much Worldview?”


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria outline the worldview angles behind President Biden’s “Build Back Better Plan.” Notably, John points to the inherent issue with the Department of Health and Human Services insisting that relief money for childcare only be used specifically for “professional”  services.

Then, they delves into the current issues with the Olympics and China. Maria asks John how the United States should respond to the human rights abuses China is committing, particularly against faith-based groups. John outlines two options before the State Department for how the United States can bring attention to the abuses and seek protection for those afflicted.

To close, Maria asks John about the importance of continually examining worldview and growing in faith are for Christians. She notes that it can be distracting for believers to be continually focused on how they’re thinking, while failing to consider Christ in the process. John shares important insights and encouragement.


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Segment 1:

Parenting and the State: Red Flags in “Build Back Better”

President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, passed by the U.S. House last month, is expected to be passed by the Senate before Christmas. Adding this big-ticket “social spending and climate” bill to the trillions already passed in the name of COVID relief certainly won’t thrill fiscal conservatives. Depending on which version passes, it would add about $360 billion dollars to the federal deficit.



The bill passed the House in November but faces a tough road in the Senate, where it is expected to undergo some changes. As currently written, the legislation would create universal pre-K, send families an enhanced child tax credit and provide beefed-up subsidies on the Affordable Care Act exchanges.



The “End” of our Lives: Loving and Caring for Others

A friend recently overheard a young woman comment, “I feel like once you have kids, your life is just done.” So, despite pressure from her mom, she said, she was in no rush to settle down. “I’ve got too much living to do. I want to wait a while before I’m finished.”

It’s not uncommon to hear people suggest things like this. Marriage, family, and parenting are seen by many as distractions from what life is really about (amusement or travel or a career), or even worse, a sort of death sentence that marks the end of all our fun. For example, despite ample research showing otherwise, there’s a clear message in sitcoms and romcoms that the quickest way to become miserable and end a good sex life is to get married. Being single means being free and unencumbered, the story goes, especially for women..



The Problem with Surrogacy Isn’t the Price

On Black Friday, a surrogacy agency in Ukraine called BioTexCom offered a fun new deal: three percent off your next baby. The discount, according to the ad, applied to hiring Ukrainian women to be surrogate mothers, to IVF, or whatever mixture thereof.

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Segment 2:

Here’s What a Diplomatic Boycott Means

The Biden administration formally announced a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Monday in response to China’s human rights record — delivering a symbolic message by not sending “any diplomatic or official representation,” while still allowing American athletes to compete.



Reggie Littejohn Leads Effort to Boycott Olympics

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers is a broad-based, international coalition that opposes forced abortion and sexual slavery in China.  Our immediate goal is to raise public awareness regarding the coercive enforcement of China’s One Child Policy, the connection between this coercion and human trafficking in Asia, and the other human rights abuses that arise out of this coercive enforcement.  Our long-term goal is to champion freedom, justice and women’s rights, in China and worldwide, by exposing violations of women’s rights, equipping the media and the public to understand these violations, and extending help to the victims themselves, as well as to those who stand up for freedom and justice for women.

Women’s Rights without Frontiers>>


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