Biology is Religious Preaching?

Basic science is now subjective when it’s not progressive enough.


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

A Texas professor has filed a lawsuit after he was allegedly fired for teaching that a person’s sex is determined by chromosomes. 

Dr. Johnson Varkey said the administration at St. Philip’s College, a community college, told him several students made complaints about his unacceptable religious preaching in his biology class. It’s unclear exactly what they considered “religious” about his lesson: Was it when he said the word “male” corresponds to XY chromosomes and the word “female” corresponds to XX? Or that the perpetuation of humanity (and any species) requires sexual reproduction between men and women—because same-sex relationships are, by nature, sterile?  

I’m old enough to remember when the allegation was that Christianity is anti-science. If the new charge is that basic science is Christian, well, you won’t get much argument from Christians. This is God’s world, after all, which is why astronomer Johannes Kepler once described scientific study as “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.”  

All the same, the next time you’re at your doctor’s office, make sure that he has a higher view of basic biology than the St. Philip’s College administration. 


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