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BP This Week: Eliminating Down Syndrome…or Down Syndrome Babies?


John Stonestreet

This week, CBS announced excitedly that Iceland has nearly eradicated Down syndrome. In reality, that country, along with many others, is simply killing babies diagnosed with Down syndrome. It’s a horrible practice that John Stonestreet and Ed Stetzer call out as a return of the eugenics mindset behind so many of the last century’s moral horrors.

Meanwhile, CNN published the a map of “hate groups” in the United States, which includes such mainstream religious organizations as Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF isn’t a hate group, and it doesn’t belong on a list beside the KKK simply because it holds to the traditional Christian understanding of marriage. CNN’s map, produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is an updated version of a map a shooter consulted in 2012 before attacking the Family Research Council, another Christian ministry.

Finally, our hosts tackle the tough story of a California charter school where a teacher facilitated a “transition” celebration for one student in a class of kindergarteners. It’s renewed calls from Ross Douthat and other commentators for Christians to find a viable alternative to public education, and fast.


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