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China’s Threat to Religious Freedom in Hong Kong


John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

Recently, China cancelled its National People’s Congress over concerns about the coronavirus. The last time this “central event of China’s political calendar” was cancelled was during the Cultural Revolution nearly fifty years ago.

The move increased speculation that Beijing has lost control of the coronavirus outbreak.

And there’s another outbreak the Communist Party is struggling to control: Hong Kong’s clamor for freedom.

The appointment of Xia Baolong as head of the office that oversees Hong Kong and Macau means Beijing is getting serious.

Xia led the crackdown on Christians in Zhejiang province. During his tenure there, party officials tore crosses off the tops of churches, even those operating with government permission.

His appointment confirms there’s a connection between Christianity and the unrest in Hong Kong. Beijing understands what many in the West are missing: The protests there are about religious and political freedom. China has responded.

Will we?


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