Chloe Cole Speaks the Truth With Love in Congressional Hearing

Being straight about the tragedy of “trans-affirming surgeries on youth doesn’t have to get ugly.


John Stonestreet

Kasey Leander

Distressed by the onset of puberty, California teenager Chloe Cole was fast-tracked to a double mastectomy at age 15. Recently, on her 19th birthday, Chloe appeared before Congress, passionately describing the harm of so-called “trans-affirming” medicine, which is anything but.  

After Chloe’s remarks, a mother who had transitioned her 18-year-old daughter told her story. Given a chance to respond, tears filled Chloe’s eyes, and she replied to the committee chairman:  

I just want to set the record straight that I don’t hate her. … In fact, I see my own mother and my own father in her. … That being said, I don’t wish for a child to have the same result as I did. … It comes with its own difficulties, and it’s not easy. And I hope that her child gets to have a happy and fulfilling adulthood 

Without sacrificing truth, Chloe offered love, as well as a reminder to all of us that it is possible to speak the truth in love. 


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