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Christian Missionaries and COVID-19


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

Of all the stories of the various groups who’ve been impacted by COVID-19, one group we haven’t heard much about are Christian missionaries serving abroad. Over at WORLD Magazine, Mindy Belz describes how men and women, who are committed to carrying out the work God has called them to do, face additional difficulties.

“Most find themselves faced with random shortages of everyday supplies and enduring severe restrictions like curfews and limits on movement, not to mention the menace of the virus itself.”

Not only that, but “the support systems they count on back home are strained.” Churches that support them are no longer meeting and may be facing tough financial decisions, plus many are concerned for family members as well.

It’s amazing they continue their work at all.

But they do—and Mindy Belz describes how in her article.

Please remember to support missionaries overseas at this time, both through prayer and through giving.


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Witnessing in place

Mindy Belz | WORLD | April 20, 2020

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