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Civil Religion in America and Its Foundation in Christianity

BreakPoint's Weekly Round-up of News from a Christian perspective


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

When President Biden quoted St. Augustine and Scripture in his inaugural address, he was doing what almost every President before him has done: drawing on America’s Christian tradition. Today on “BreakPoint This week,” John Stonestreet and Shane Morris discuss America’s “civil religion,” the shared values of liberty and the dignity of all–but firmly rooted in Christianity. Ironically enough, even those vehemently opposed to Christianity in the public square (or opposed to causes Christians feel passionately about, such as protecting the unborn) profess these values, even though they are nonsensical outside of a Christian understanding of God’s created order.

Also on today’s episode: The rise in deaths from despair and acts of desperation; the plague of pornography; and the thinning of civil society,

As for their recommendations of the week, Shane slips into a Southern twang as he sings the praises of the folk group The Arcadian Wild and their decidedly Christian themes.

And John invites us all to join in with the Colson Center every Wednesday morning through March 31st for a time of guided prayer for our nation, informed by the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs.


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