President, The Colson Center & Breakpoint Radio Co-Host

John Stonestreet serves as president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He’s a sought-after author and speaker on areas of faith and culture, theology, worldview, education and apologetics. John is the daily voice of Breakpoint, the nationally syndicated commentary on  the culture founded by the late Chuck Colson.

Contributor | Host of Breakpoint Q&A, Breakpoint

Shane Morris is a senior writer at the Colson Center, where he has been the resident Calvinist and millennial, home-school grad since 2010 as an intern under Chuck Colson. He writes Breakpoint commentaries and columns.

Contributor | Host of Breakpoint This Week, Breakpoint

Maria Baer is an experienced reporter, writer, and podcaster. She is the co-host the weekly Breakpoint This Week podcast with John Stonestreet. Maria graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the Ohio University Scripps School of Journalism in 2009.

Senior Fellow and Contributor, The Colson Center

Glenn Sunshine is Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University and a Senior Faculty Member of the Colson Fellows. An award-winning author, Glenn has published books, articles and book chapters on history, theology, and culture, online and on both sides of the Atlantic.

Contributor, Breakpoint

Kasey Leander is a Breakpoint Contributor at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He holds a BA in History and PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) from Taylor University, and a Certificate in Theological Studies from Oxford University.

Contributor | Theologian-in-Residence, The Colson Center

Timothy D. Padgett (PhD) is the Theologian-in-Residence with the Colson Center. His focus is on cultural engagement, living out the Christian worldview, and the way Christians argue for diverse viewpoints while sharing a common biblical foundation―particularly regarding the relationship between church and state, Christ and culture, and war and peace.

Editor, The Colson Center

Heather Walker Peterson, PhD, is the Senior Editor at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. A former associate professor of English, she’s written for publications such as Mere Orthodoxy, InterVarsity's The Well, and the Mudroom. She’s most inspired by her two remarkably different daughters.

Vice-President of Equipping and Mobilization, The Colson Center

Michael is an accomplished executive, worldview expert, cultural apologist, and author.
Ever since leaving his career as a corporate CEO in 2001, Michael has been working to equip the Church in America with a robust Christian life and worldview.

Contributor | Product Manager - Breakpoint & Upstream

Wayne is a Colson Fellow and World Journalism Institute graduate. He served for 15 years in full-time high school ministry in addition to building a number of connections in videography, photography, and multimedia presentations. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and eight children.