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Combatting Lockdown Boredom

Get Creative!


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

We’re weeks into the stay-at-home orders and while introverts may be okay, some of us are not, especially our kiddos. So here are three ideas to help you make it through:

Join Trail Life USA’s “National Backyard Campout Night” tonight, April 17. The idea is for families “to make memories during the COVID-19 lockdown.” They’re also offering tips on games, activities, and backyard campout recipes. Or if you live somewhere where winter returned this week, like Colorado, they have instructions on how to make a furniture fort.

Or check out a new movie produced by Steph Curry of the NBA about the man who gave basketball the jump shot. Kenny Sailors was more than a hooper—he loved God and lived an amazing life. Check it out at

Or read how friends and neighbors are helping others at Leah Hickman’s running column on WORLD Magazine’s website that tells their stories.


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