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Do We Throw Out the Teaching of Leaders in Scandals – BreakPoint Q&A

Enlarging Christian Worldview Thinking to Address Moral Failure


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane revisit a topic from the New Years Eve podcast to address moral failure in Christian leaders. They help expand our thinking to address the challenging world of sin and its impact on Christian leaders.

Specifically, John and Shane address the revelations from the independent investigation into allegations of Ravi Zacharias participating in sexual misconduct.

Later, John and Shane address a critique to their response to in vitro fertilization and embryo adoption. The two dig into the details of the science, ethical, and culture reasoning around the Christian worldview response they posit.

Lastly, Shane presents a question related to second marriages. The question comes in light of the presentation of marriage as a procreative endeavor. They address a Christian view of marriage that is expansive, including marriages that are infertile. They include various Christian thinking on marriage, explaining nuances in Biblical interpretations without falling into a secular view of marriage.


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