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Edwin Simcox

Executive Committee Chair

Ed is President Emeritus of the Indiana Energy Association. He holds an A.B. degree in Government and Economics from Indiana University and obtained a J.D. degree from Indiana University Law School.

In December 1986, Ed Simcox was named President of the Indiana Electric Association, a trade association representing Indiana’s investor-owned electric utilities. On March 1, 2004, the Electric Association merged with the Indiana Gas Association to form the Indiana Energy Association.  Ed was elected President of the new association.

Ed’s experience in government service includes employment in the Corporations Division of the Indiana Secretary of State’s office, Secretary of the State Highway Commission, Secretary of the Indiana Public Service Commission, legal deputy of the office of the Reporter of the Indiana Supreme Court and eight years as Indiana’s Secretary of State.

Ed is also a member of the Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Associations Member, Indiana Law Survey Study Commission; member and past President, Indiana Legal Foundation; former Executive Committee; Member and Ethics Committee Chair, Government Affairs Society of Indiana; member, Governor Pence’s Faith-based Corrections Advisory Committee; past Chairman, Indiana State Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs Committee; member, Board of Directors of State Auto Mutual Insurance; member, Board of Directors of Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site