Evangelical and Doing Fine

Exvangelicals” seem everywhere, but happy followers of Christ are speaking up.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

The popular trend among some younger Christians to “deconstruct” their faith has been encouraged by influential authors, musicians, or other public figures who leave the faith loudly, often on social media. So, the so-called “exvangelicals” bashing their “evangelical” upbringings is a popular theme on Twitter/X and YouTube.   

Recently, however, Andrew Walker of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary tweeted a request from a friend, “Would love to read a memoir that goes something like this: ‘I grew up evangelical, was made to listen to Adventures in Odyssey, forced to go to Wheaton, was taught abstinence, saw my parents put up a Bush/Cheney sign … And I’m fine.’” 

Since posting, Walker’s tweet has garnered over a million views and countless replies from people sharing how they grew up homeschooled, with Adventures in Odyssey and AWANA, and are doing fine.  

As Walker observed, “It’s pretty fun to see people have the permission structure to not criticize or be embarrassed by their upbringing. Or, gasp, celebrate their upbringing.” 


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