FDA Permanently Lifts Abortion Pill Regulations


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last year, the FDA lifted an important restriction on the “abortion pill,” a drug that induces abortion in early pregnancy by starving the preborn child. Prior to the pandemic, doctors were required to meet face-to-face with patients before prescribing the drug, but that requirement was lifted during the pandemic. Last week, the FDA made the policy change permanent. 

This comes just as our culture, from psychological literature to the arts, has begun to understand miscarriage as real trauma, even if it is a loss not readily seen. 

Part of the trauma is how hidden a miscarriage can feel. The abortion pill causes this trauma on purpose. Not only do many women report physical trauma after so-called “medical” abortion, but without a face-to-face visit, the mother is isolated from one less source of support and accountability. 

This is not healthcare

This is, however, the reality of what it will mean to advocate for the preborn in the days ahead. Hidden evil is allowed to flourish, we must work to change hearts and minds, no matter what the Supreme Court decides.


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