Five More Questions for Your Next College Visit


John Stonestreet

Kasey Leander

I received an email from Oklahoma Wesleyan University entitled “Five Questions You Should Ask on Your Next College Visit.” The suggestions are good, but given the dismal state of higher education, here are five more. 

First, why am I going? Too many 18-year-olds are signing up to pay $20,000 a year without knowing why they’re there – something the nation-wide 40% dropout rate confirms. 

Second, what ideas are assumed here? Given today’s world, students expecting an education (practical skills, critical thinking, and knowledge) can end up receiving an indoctrination: a barrage of subliminal messaging and social pressure designed to make them conform. 

Third, can I defend my beliefs? Recognizing bad ideas takes work: defending good ones can be even harder. Christian students need to know the reason for the hope they have.  

Fourth, how will I live like a Christian here? – because the Kingdom of God is not a matter of mere talk but applied power. 

Fifth, are there others like me? – because Christians shouldn’t be isolated and a strand of three cords is not easily broken. 

For Christians, college is worth asking questions about. What are yours?


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