Gay Pride, Government Hubris

Washington seems to be vying for the title "San Francisco of the East." Following in the footsteps of that California city, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has designated June as Gay Pride Month. Which makes it the first Cabinet-level agency to officially endorse homosexuality. The festivities include speeches on topics such as AIDS and how to support your gay child. Especially highlighted was a speech by gay Congressman Barney Frank. But wait a minute: Are we really to believe the DOT gave an official platform to an avowed homosexual? This is the same department, you may remember, that only a few months ago canceled an appearance by Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council. Bauer had been scheduled to address a prayer breakfast held by the Coast Guard, which is part of the DOT. But a homosexual congressman, Gerry Studds, got wind of it. Aware that Bauer is an evangelical Christian, opposed to gay rights, Studds put pressure on the Coast Guard to deny him a forum. Now the same DOT is cheerfully hosting several homosexual speakers, giving implicit support to the entire homosexual agenda. This is a blatant double standard. The department secretary says Gay Pride Month is "not about special privileges" for gays; it's about "equal treatment." But is it equal treatment when gay speakers are welcomed warmly, while a Christian speaker has the door slammed in his face? Obviously, some folks are more equal than others. In a strange twist, the word "equality" has come to mean the selection of certain groups for special attention. Alongside Gay Pride Month, the Transportation Department also celebrates Black History Month, Women's History Month, and special months for Asians, Hispanics, and Indians. But where is the month for Christians—or Jews or Hindus? Where's the month supporting the handicapped, or people with cancer, or for that matter people with crooked noses? This could quickly become ridiculous; but the point is serious. Once the government gets into the business of elevating certain groups, how does it decide which groups merit special recognition? There's something even more disturbing. When government honors certain groups, the implication is that all other groups simply don't qualify for the official approval list. By raising a select few, the rest are put down. That's why a homosexual Congressman is honored, while a Christian speaker is thrown out. The final insult is that you and I are footing the bill for all this. The festivities at the DOT are being held on government time, at government expense—which means, of course, at our expense. Christians must be vigilant in overseeing the ways government uses our tax money. On average, government takes a third of our income. Practicing stewardship means using our votes and public pressure to make sure that money goes to support only things that are good for the nation. It is wrong for the government to take the money God has entrusted to us . . . and use it to undermine the way of life God expects of us.


Chuck Colson


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