Girls Forced to Share Rooms With Boys in Colorado

More stories are emerging showing children systematically put in harm’s way to advance dangerous ideologies. 


John Stonestreet

Last month, a story out of Colorado broke about an 11-year-old girl assigned to share a bed with a male student on a school trip. More parents in that school district are now sharing similar stories. For example, a female high school counselor was put in charge of, and stayed overnight in, a cabin of sixth-grade boys. 

The media outlets claiming that this is all about conservative parents overreacting about LGBTQ “rights” in schools are lying. Make no mistake: The kids are not all right. They’re in danger 

As long as those who are entrusted with the protection of children continue to put them in harm’s way in order to advance dangerous ideologies, we must not stand by. If we do, there will only be more victims 

To learn more about organizations fighting to protect the rights of children and how you can join them, visit And for resources to help the next generation embrace a biblical view of who they are, visit 


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