Government Should Promote What’s Good for Society, Not Just What’s Fair

Tax laws reflect value for life, marriage, and family. 


John Stonestreet

A recent Vox article snarkily titled, “Want Financial Security in America? Better Get Married” complained that, “Couples get hundreds of legal and economic privileges single people don’t. If that feels unfair, it’s because it is.” 

Though perhaps a compelling claim during tax season, this view mistakenly misses that tax breaks are to incentivize what’s good for society. And nothing is better for society, or saves the government more money, than flourishing marriages and families. Without them, societies do not have a stable future. 

Laws should reflect this reality. That’s why even tax laws should reflect a value for life, marriage, and families. Also, they should limit the government in every way that is possible. When the Church cares for those in broken family situations, assisting single parents and widows who need long-term, stable support, then the government can stay out of that lane.  

In other words, laws are not best understood by what seems “fair,” but by what is good.  


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