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Is Critique of Critical Race Theory Silencing the Oppressed?

BreakPoint Q&A


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane discuss listener questions responding to recent commentaries. Today they answer an important question about our commentary on how critical race theory is a Christian heresy.

Another audience member asks for an overview of the landscape of Christian hope. This person referenced our recent statements on the Pandemic of Despair, asking if there is hope on the horizon, because they don’t see it.

John then replies to a listener feeling despair in being informed by the news, to which John hope for how to remain oriented towards Christ in this cultural moment.

To close, John explains the importance of the creeds and the value of knowing them in a time like ours where we base our understanding of freedoms and rights on constitutions.



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Why Wokeness is a Christian Heresy
BreakPoint – 07/12/21

The Pandemic of Despair
BreakPoint – 07/09/21

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