The Point

The Point: Jesus, The Last Adam

No matter what book of the Bible you’re studying, I can promise it points to Jesus, even Genesis. Paul teaches that Christ is the Last Adam, Who obeyed His Father when Adam failed to, bringing life through His death and resurrection. And there are other amazing marks of Scripture’s symmetry and divine origin. The first Adam yielded to temptation in a garden; the Last Adam conquered temptation in a garden. The first Adam blamed his bride. The Last Adam took the blame for His bride. The first Adam was naked and received clothes. The Last Adam had clothes, but was stripped. The first Adam tasted death from a tree. The Last Adam tasted death on a tree. The first Adam brought thorns. The Last Adam wore thorns. It’s no wonder that when Mary Magdalene saw the risen Christ, she mistook Him for the gardener. Christ is the new and better keeper of God’s garden. And through His body and blood, He restored what the fruit destroyed.


John Stonestreet


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