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Justin Reeder and Love Life Charlotte


Warren Cole Smith

Today we present Warren Cole Smith’s fascinating interview with Justin Reeder, founder of Love Life Charlotte, an organization that unites churches across the Charlotte, North Carolina area to bring an end to abortion in that city.

Justin shares how God called him to this work and talks about Love Life’s passion for the unborn, their mothers, and even those who participate in the abortion industry. Justin also talks about the amazing answers to prayer the Lord has provided—and may inspire you and your church to join in God’s work to save lives in your community.

One way you can help bring about an end to abortion is PRAY. Please visit BreakPoint.org/21 days and download your free “21 Days of Prayer for Life” prayer guide for you, your family, your small group, or your church. We also have a new 21 Days of Prayer for Life app!



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