Kristan Hawkins on Imagining Pro-Life Wins

Kristan Hawkins wants to make abortion “unthinkable and unavailable across the US.”


John Stonestreet

Michaela Estruth

One of the most important and effective pro-life leaders is Kristan Hawkins, founder and president of Students for Life of America. Kristan became a pro-life advocate in her early teens when she began serving at a pregnancy care center. Her goal is to make abortion “unthinkable and unavailable across the US.” 

For years she rallied and mobilized young Americans by calling them the “post-Roe generation.” Though the Dobbs decision last June in a sense fulfilled that rallying cry, the real vision of Students for Life of America has always been the end of all abortions, and the protection of life beginning at conception.  

Recently, the headline of a BBC article on Kristan ominously said, “She Helped Kill Roe v Wade – now she wants to end all abortion,” as if that wasn’t always the goal. For Kristan, the end of Roe is a partial win on the way to building a culture of life. As she put it to the BBC, “I always tell our team: winners envision the win.” 


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