LA Dodgers Award Drag

The shockingly blasphemous group to be prominently featured during the team’s pride celebrations.


John Stonestreet

Glenn Sunshine

After a bit of back and forth, the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to feature the drag group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence during their pride month celebrations and even award them a Community Hero Award. The “sisters” are a mockery of a Catholic religious order and perform blasphemous parodies of Christianity and the sacraments. Their tagline is “Go forth and sin some more,” a perversion of the words of Jesus. Other examples of their acts are too evil to mention.  

As Robert George of Princeton observed 

If men wearing hijabs were to prance around mocking Muslim women, insulting Islam and faithful Muslims, and ridiculing the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad, their bigotry would be widely and rightly condemned. What would the Los Angeles Dodgers do? Praise them? Give them an award? 

We need to pray for all those who are trapped in these perversions while also calling out the Dodgers for their bigotry against Christianity. 


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