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Sen. Lankford Protects the Preborn from Budget Values


John Stonestreet

The House passed a $3.5 trillion budget resolution yesterday. That’s a lot of money, which will fund a lot of programs… and every one of them reflects our national values. 

Earlier this month, despite bi-partisan requests, the Senate appropriations committee sent this budget bill to the Senate floor without the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds being used for abortion. 

But, in a courageous speech from the floor, Senator James Lankford called colleagues to remember that, “millions of Americans of faith and no faith know that the only difference between a child in the womb and outside the womb is time.” Democrat Joe Manchin cast the deciding vote to include Hyde in the budget.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates that 60,000 pre-born babies are saved every year because of the Hyde Amendment. Budgets have consequences; bad budgets have victims.


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