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Let’s Cut Each Other Some Slack


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

I wish I had a nickel for every Coronavirus-related story that includes the term “unprecedented,” but at least for all of us, it’s true: We’ve never dealt with a highly contagious and deadly virus with the effectiveness and limits of an advanced medical system in the context of a near-complete economic shutdown… much less all at once.

Shutdown-fatigue has set in. Many of us are just looking for someone to blame. We’re mad at our leaders. We’re mad at the media. And we’re ascribing the worst of motives to anyone who disagrees with us.

Can we remember that we are all in uncharted waters here? Hindsight will one day be 20/20, but for now, we’re making things up as we go along. There will be, and have been, mistakes from everyone… from the President to medical experts to the teachers trying to explain algebra over Zoom to the armchair quarterbacks on Facebook.

So let’s be kind. Let’s pray for each other. And maybe, let’s cut each other some slack.


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