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Minnesota Politician Makes the Tough Choice for Life


John Stonestreet

Kasey Leander

Minnesota State senator Julia Coleman faced a dilemma. Informed by her doctors that severe complications threatened her unborn twin sons, she had to decide whether to end the life of one child to save the life of the other.

For most people, it would only make sense to “remove” the unhealthy son to preserve the other. But as deeply pro-life Christian, Coleman and her husband declared that they “were never going to choose between our kids.” Following weeks in the NICU, sleepless nights, and thousands of prayers, the Colemans gave birth to both sons, and have since brought both boys home.

No family is promised the kind of miracle that the Colemans experienced. Only a vision of life committed to the priceless value of each and every person will have the clarity in a decision that difficult. For Julia and Jacob Coleman the choice was clear, even in the face of such daunting odds. But the stakes are high, even life and death.


Imaged sourced by The Catholic Spirit | Dave Hrbacek


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