Moral Clarity and the Attack on Israel

We face an actual crisis with the massacre in Israel, and now is the time to take a courageous stand against hate. 


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Princeton professor Robert P. George reports how students respond when he asks them  

what their position on slavery would have been had they been white and living in the South before abolition. Guess what? They all would have been abolitionists! They all would have bravely spoken out against slavery, and worked tirelessly against it. 

It’s easy to look at past atrocities and think, “I never would’ve done that!” but that confidence is misplaced. Without some grounds for unusual moral clarity, most go along with whatever a culture declares to be right, even with things now known to be plainly wrong.  

Of course, this is merely a mental exercise, until last Saturday. We now face an actual crisis. Following the massacre in Israel, “protesters” across the Western world praised the slaughter, vandalized Jewish sites, and, in a particularly egregious case in Sydney, Australia, chanted “Gas the Jews.”  

If you’ve wondered if you have the moral courage to stand up when it counts, this may be our chance.  


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