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Christianity isn’t just a private relationship with God—it’s an explanation of all of reality. God has a vision: the redemption of every square inch of creation, from massive social problems to the thorniest stress points in our own homes. And far from being too small, you are a part of that plan of redemption. Every day on BreakPoint, we help you connect the dots.

Join John Stonestreet, Shane Morris, and a cast of thoughtful voices for a daily dose of sanity—a fearless exploration of the truth, for a community of listeners who want to be a part of God’s restoration of all things. If you’re done with just being outraged, and want to be a part of the solution…then welcome to BreakPoint.


When Worldviews Collide: Ideas, Consequences, and Christians June 8, 2023 The Colson Center equips Christians to live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage…
Four Principles for Holding Together Love and Truth June 7, 2023 What if it’s possible for Christian teens to be ambassadors for Christ to their confused…
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BreakPoint This Week

The Passing of Tim Keller and the Lack of Viewpoint Diversity in American Corporations May 27, 2023 A look at the passing of Tim Keller, who was called a giant by both…
Ranking Companies on How they Treat Christians, Do Believers Win Down Here?, and a Look at Christian Nationalism. May 20, 2023 John and Maria discuss John MacArthur’s claim that “We Lose Down Here.”
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The Point

Marijuana and Pregnancy June 8, 2023 The number of hospital visits for pregnant women has almost doubled in Ontario since Canada…
No, That’s Violence June 7, 2023 Last month, a professor at Hunter College in New York City was fired and later…
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