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The Point: Florida Declares Filth Risky


John Stonestreet

Here’s some much-needed light on a dark issue.

The Florida legislature approved a resolution last week that declared pornography a public health risk. It calls for policy changes, education, and more research on its ill effects.

Republican Representative Ross Spano, who introduced the resolution, cites the connection between porn and mental illness, physical dysfunction, and difficulty in “forming and maintaining intimate relationships.”

It’s just a resolution, but the fact that legislatures are talking this way at all—especially in states like Florida known for so-called “sex tourism”— is good news. The idea that the everywhere-available, hard-core smut is harmless isn’t sustained in the face of real evidence.

Porn is isolating, addictive, and destroys a person’s self-esteem.

More states should follow Florida and recognize this is a problem, propose resolutions, and take concrete action. Families, Internet providers, and phone companies should all do the same thing, too.



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