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The Point: Ideology First, Foster Care Second


John Stonestreet

Phooey on Philly.

At the beginning of March, the City of Philadelphia put out an urgent call for 300 families to take in foster children.

Then, just two weeks later, the Philadelphia Department of Human Services pulled the plug on two key foster-care organizations: Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services. Why? Because neither places foster children with LGBT couples.

This, despite the fact that, as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, both groups have served foster kids in the city since the 1990s and have always worked under “religious restrictions.”

But to the new sexual orthodoxy, all opposition must be eradicated. Even if that means fewer resources for needy children.

Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services are no impediment to LGBTQ individuals who want to foster a child. By the way, the Philadelphia city government lists more than 20 foster care organizations that work with LGBTQ couples.

You’d think Philly would want organizations that have served its city and its children for so long. But, you’d be wrong.

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