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The Point: Reversing Chemical Abortions


John Stonestreet

Chemical abortions can be reversed.

Women who take the abortion pill often regret the decision. But new research shows it can be reversed if they act quickly.

Abortifacients block progesterone receptors, which means developing babies don’t get oxygen and nutrients that they need. But as WORLD Magazine reports, “if the mother takes a high enough dose of progesterone within 72 hours” of taking the abortion pill, the baby has as much as a 68-percent chance of surviving.

This is great news, which is why pro-abortion forces not only attack the procedure but laws that require physicians to inform patients of the possibility.

But with the new study, again as WORLD tells us, at least one pro-abortion physician admits that the procedure “can make biological sense.”

That’s faint praise, but we’ll take it. Of course, when a mother regrets her decision to take the abortion pill and tries to save her baby, doing all we can to help makes moral sense, as well.

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