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The Point: Thank God It’s Monday

Thank God it’s Monday? One day Chuck Colson came into the office and exclaimed, “Thank God it’s Monday!” He wasn’t kidding. Chuck, as everyone who knew him would attest, loved his work. He loved ministering to prisoners, teaching worldview, he loved BreakPoint, he loved speaking and writing. Chuck saw his work as sacred obedience, as the way he was called to love God and neighbor. It’s why he vowed to never retire. Now, you might think, “Of course! Anyone with the profile and ministry reach of Chuck Colson would feel that way.” But know this: you can sell fried chicken and feel that way. That’s exactly what Cheryl Bachelder, the former CEO of Popeye’s, told us at the Wilberforce Weekend. Any work—construction, management, teaching—when done in His grace, with excellence and committed to serving others, is God’s work. It can be that way for you, too. Please listen to Cheryl’s inspiring talk on the sacredness of calling on today’s BreakPoint podcast. You can find it at


John Stonestreet


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