The Point

Pray. Listen. Ask Questions.


John Stonestreet

Nothing in my lifetime equals the pain, outrage, lawlessness, and chaos we’ve witnessed this week in cities across the country.

The vile murder of George Floyd unleashed decades of anger and despair, and sadly also waves of opportunistic evil and anarchy ever eager to hijack the pain of others.

Christians have a number of things to do…  First, we must pray… for justice, reconciliation, healing, and Shalom—the restoration of right relationships.

We listen… to those hurting and to the peacemakers.

We ask questions… especially the hard ones.

Tomorrow night at 8 Eastern, please join me to pray, listen, and ask hard questions with two tremendous leaders: Pastor Chris Brooks and Andy Crouch, both speakers for our Truth. Love. Together virtual event and both trustworthy guides for a time such as this.

It’s free. Space is limited, but all who register will receive the recording. Please sign up here.


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