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Prayer is Doing Something


John Stonestreet

As more haunting images emerge from the airport in Kabul, and we hear more and more reports from the ground, it seems our worst fears about the Taliban are indeed coming true. Many of us sit, watching these images, reading these stories on our phones, imagining ourselves and our own families in these same positions.

We can’t even begin to understand what any of this is like. We feel compelled to do something. We feel that our country has let them down.

I saw a tweet recently from a mom that described this well. “Sometimes,” she said, “I’m mad at God that all he lets me do is pray about a situation that is out of my hands. I suppose that says more about me, and my frustration with prayer, than it says about God.”

Many of us ask, “other than prayer, what can I do?” But, what if prayer is doing something? What if prayer actually moves the heart of God and can alter human history?

We do have a responsibility for what’s happening in Afghanistan. There’s a lot of things we can’t do, but there’s one thing we can do, and, what’s more, must do, both for the Christians on the ground and for other vulnerable citizens. We must ask God for mercy and to end their suffering now.


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