The Point

Racism, Police Reform, and God’s Story


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Can we end racism? And is a trustworthy system of law and order that treats everyone equally even possible?

God’s story of the universe can be told in four chapters: creation, fall, redemption and restoration. Far from mere theoretical subheadings, these plot points can inform even our toughest modern questions.

Fighting the evils of racism requires getting the “creation” part right. The only idea that has ever been successful in addressing ethnic partiality is the Imago Dei, that God made every human being in His image.

And policing? That requires getting the “fall” part of the story right. Sin infects the hearts of both citizens and police officers. It infects personal motives and our institutions. Only by acknowledging the truth of the human condition, embracing both accountability and just punishment as necessary, can we find a path forward.

And let’s never forget that the realities of redemption and restoration commit us to hope – for others and for our future. 


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