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Rebecca McLaughlin Shares on Calling for All Women at Wilberforce Weekend


John Stonestreet

One of the things that the Christian worldview offers is dignity to women that is not found in other worldviews throughout human history. Author Rebecca McLaughlin spoke about this at our annual Wilberforce Weekend conference. Here is an excerpt from Rebecca’s talk:

Sometimes we celebrate and uphold marriage and motherhood at the expense of all other things God calls women to do. Some say a woman’s highest calling is to be a wife and mother. But it is actually to follow Jesus. Some women are called to that as wives, or as wives and mothers. Some are called to follow Jesus as single people. The Bible gives us an elevated view of both.

To hear the rest of Rebecca McLaughlin’s talk, download this episode of the Strong Women podcast on your favorite podcast app.


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Wilberforce Weekend Live: Rebecca McLaughlin

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