Respecting the Role of Religion in Education

In contrast to what the government keeps telling us, Americans want religious freedom and support with their kids’ educations.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

Critical Theory. Radical gender ideology. So-called “Comprehensive sexuality” education. An anti-religious secularism. The ideologies at work in public education are hostile to faith and families, not to mention boys in girls’ sports and bathrooms, adult content in libraries, and out-of-control school boards.  

In addition to more families choosing schooling alternatives, more are demanding change in public schools. According to the 2023 Becket Religious Freedom Index published earlier this year, the majority of Americans support the right to religious education for families of faith. Today, 67% think that parents should be allowed to have their kids “opt out” of content that they find morally objectionable. Likewise, 74% agreed that opting out of curriculum for religious reasons or age-appropriate concerns should be allowed. Additionally, 54% of Americans think that students attending private religious schools should have access to federal funds.  

These are great opportunities for much-needed reform. And many Christians are at the forefront, leading the way making a better future for generations to come.   


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