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Reviewing the President’s Speech to Congress and the Moral Decay in Higher Christian Education – BreakPoint This Week


Maria Baer

John Stonestreet

John and Maria review President Joe Biden’s speech to the Congress. They discuss the role of government and the stretch it has had into our lives. The two share how government expansion creates thin fabrics in society, trying to hold weight it was never intended to hold.

Maria shares a story from Seattle, where staff and faculty at Seattle Pacific University vote no confidence in their board. The vote was made due to frustration with the school’s hiring policies that uphold a traditional Biblical ethic in regards to sexuality.

John and Maria begin their conversation revisiting some of the top stories from BreakPoint this week. They discuss the character of Trevor Lawrence and his opportunity to impact standards for player character. They also talk about an unknown trend in human trafficking involving young boys before revisiting a story from last week where President Biden appealed a court order that could cause doctors to perform genital mutilation surgeries.



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