Shouldn’t We Protect Our Borders? – Ask BreakPoint


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

John and Shane field questions from BreakPoint commentaries. They start their session engaging with common challenges that Christmas is just a pagan holiday. Shane highlights a few resources published this week by the Colson Center, while John provides a structure of thought to stand against the torrent of criticism many face about the Christian nature on the holiday.

Shane then introduces a challenge to a piece related to the United States’ recent history in accepting Christian refugees. John clarifies the distinction between defending borders and providing asylum, calling listeners to understand the importance of the cultural moment.

To close, John and Shane dig deep into some deep waters for a discussion on determinism. Shane frames the conversation around a comment from a listener related to a recent BreakPoint article, leading listeners to a place of awe for the mind and love of God.



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