The Taliban’s Worldview Trumps Their Words


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

The Taliban has promised that this time, they’ll be different. This time, there will be more freedoms and less oppression of women and religious minorities. 

Clearly, Afghan citizens do not believe these promises… they are at the point of desperation, clinging to the wheels of departing American aircraft, some even falling from the sky to their deaths. Poignant scenes show women and girls begging U.S. troops to protect them, crying out, “The Taliban is coming! The Taliban is coming!” Desperate parents plead with Western forces at the airport, holding infants and children high in the air, begging that even if they cannot escape what awaits them, their children may.

And, so far, early indications aren’t encouraging. We hear stories of Taliban targeting Christians, beating women, and reinforcing the same dehumanizing vision of society as before. 

It’s a reminder that worldview matters more than words. And from a Christian worldview, there are times when our own words are woefully insufficient. So, let us pray for Afghanistan and hope their days of trouble will soon end.


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