The Best Advice the Class of 2023 Will Hear

Did a pro football player just tell grads marriage and kids are more worthy than a career? 


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Commencement addresses are filled with life and career advice for newly minted graduates. Oprah Winfrey told University of Southern California grads a few years ago to “become so … fantastic at what you do, that your talent cannot be dismissed.” At Stanford in 2005, Steve Jobs told graduates to always listen to their own “inner voice.”  

A few Saturdays ago, two-time Super Bowl champion kicker Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs gave very different advice in a commencement address to Georgia Tech grads: 

I don’t care if you have a successful career. … In the end, no matter how much money you attain, none of it will matter if you are alone and devoid of purpose. … I can offer one controversial antidote that I believe will have a lasting impact for generations to come. Get married and start a family. 

No temporary happiness—not even winning the Super Bowl—compares with what Butker has found as a husband and a dad. It may be the best advice these grads could hear. 


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