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The God Who Sees Women

Introducing "Strong Women" with Sarah Stonestreet and Erin Kunkle


Sarah Stonestreet

It’s impossible to miss the battles being waged over biological sex and gender roles these days. Think of biological males competing in women’s sports; or Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling coming under attack for insisting that womanhood is a biological reality.  How can we effectively address these and other issues surrounding womanhood with our daughters? What is God’s view of all this?

With John Stonestreet out on travel this week, on this episode of “BreakPoint This Week,” we want to introduce you to a new Colson Center resource, the Strong Women Podcast. Hosts Sarah Stonestreet and Erin Kunkle ask questions about what it means to be a strong woman living out God’s design in this confused culture.

Today, Sarah and Erin welcome apologist Jo Vitale of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries to talk about perceptions of women in the Old Testament, Jesus’ radical love and concern for women, and words of advice for parents and for young women themselves. You can learn more about Strong Women at strongwomen.colsoncenter.org.

Download MP3 audio here.


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