The Point

The Issues for Christians in 2020

A BreakPoint Symposium


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

If the first two weeks of 2020 are any indication, this is going to be quite a year.

So we asked a number of Christian thought leaders to identify the most pressing issues that Christians need to be prepared for in 2020.

You can see their answers in our latest online symposium, predictions from folks like theologian Carl Trueman, WORLD Magazine’s Joel Belz, pro-life leader Kristan Hawkins, Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly, Christian educator David Dockery, apologist Scott Klusendorf, and many more.

Their answers are as varied as their expertise: the growing tide of young people leaving church, coping with rapidly intensifying cultural change, violence against Christians, religious freedom, the presidential election and taking advantage of the vulnerability of Roe v Wade, and a whole host of other issues.

This symposium is online and can be found HERE.


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