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The Point: A Victim of Climate Change?


John Stonestreet

Climate change claims another victim.

As part of a climate change research study, scientist in the UK dredged the sea floor off Iceland. They scooped up a couple hundred quahogs—think clams—then froze them and returned to their laboratories.

When they opened one clam, they discovered it was 500 years old.  They named it Ming, after the Ming dynasty, which was going strong when the clam was born. Or hatched. Whatever clams are.

In fact, Ming the clam was earth’s oldest recorded animal. ‘Was” being the key word.

Okay, so maybe you have to crack a few clam shells to do climate change research. But it also highlights the unintended consequences of our headlong rush to try to save the planet. For example, wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year. And one new study suggests they might actually be increasing warming through large scale wind power generation.

As it turns out, our climate change ideologies might be harming the planet too. Just ask Ming.



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